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Press and Media Inquiries:
Stephen Macias or Mark Umbach, MWW



For more information about Steven's books, contact:
John Jenkinson, Senior Publicist
Workman Publishing
225 Varick Street
New York, New York 10014

Speaking Engagements
Communications/Social Media, Gay/Lesbian, Social Issues, Relationships, Diversity

Steven has spoken to gay, straight, and mixed audiences across the country, among them Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, the Stanford University Publishing Course, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Lecture Topics
• The Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners: The Definitive Guide to LGBT Life
• The New Gay Wedding: Everything Everyone (Gay or Straight) Needs to Know
• How to Navigate Life in the Digital Age: The Dos and Doníts of Social Networking
• One Wrong Click: The Codes of Conduct Online
• Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your LGBT Friends, Co-Workers, and Family Members: A Primer for Straight People
• Coming Out: The Real-World Guide

To arrange a speaking engagement with Steven Petrow, please contact:
Carol Schneider
Director, Workman Speakers' Bureau

Steven Petrow


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