digital manners

In the digital age, how we post, tweet, text and otherwise communicate is immensely complicated despite its relative ease. With one wrong click, you can make a faux pas that goes viral in moments – and lasts forever.

If you use any of these new services and platforms, it’s a good bet you’ve made a few missteps along the way. Maybe not as bad as the newlywed who took the “what sex position is best for you?” quiz without realizing it would show up in her new stepdaughter’s news feed. Perhaps not as extreme as the guy who tweeted a rant about how much he hated his job, forgetting that his boss was “following” him – and who found himself instantly unemployed. Nor as dire as the fellow who learned from his soon-to-be ex girlfriend that she was “in love” with another guy when she texted him by mistake. Oops!

Petrow not only gets the brave new world of today, he also lives it – his advice is up-to-the-nano-second. — Yahoo!But whatever you did, it was probably something that was pretty embarrassing at the time. At least. Others have wrecked their marriages, lost their jobs, violated parole, found themselves evicted, been expelled from school, even compromised national security.

Don't despair: Steven Petrow regularly receives questions and offers advice on all manner of digital etiquette dilemmas. Here are just a few samples:

"What should I do about my wife’s Facebook page after her death?"

"Google reveals too much about me!"

"I want to come out on Facebook but my best friend is telling me 'no!'"

"My seat mate was watching porn on the plane!"

"Looking for love online."

"What do I do? My boss has sent me a 'friend' request on Facebook."