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In TIME: By Sharing Death  on the Web, Dying May Not Feel So Alone

While it’s common to blame the Net and our smart phones for the isolation that does indeed plague our society as a whole, it must be said that in some very important areas, these technologies and platforms are breaking down barriers. 

From AFAR: Spin the Globe: Stockholm
AFAR chose a destination at random and sent advice columnist Steven Petrow with 24 hours’ notice to the Scandinavian birthplace of ABBA and a certain meatball. 

From the Advocate:  Advice on Maintaining Peace at an Overly Political Dinner Table

That old edict to never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table is passé, so how do you handle a right-wing family member? Mr. Manners pulls five options from under his napkin.

From Parade:  Manners Heroes of the Week: Amazing Ladies Shave Their Locks For Friend Fighting Cancer 

Would you shave your head for a friend fighting cancer? A group of South African women did just that when they heard that a friend had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  

From the Daily Beast: First in the Fight Against AIDS

In a Daily Beast exclusive, Steven Petrow presents excerpts from a never-before published essay about the AIDS epidemic that was written by the late senator before he died.

From the Atlantic:  An Etiquette Lesson for Governor Pat McCrory

The North Carolina executive defends blocking restroom protections for trans people as a matter of politesse.